Therapeutic Activities May Help Memory Loss Patients

August 5, 2019 — Many people understand that FDA-approved prescription medication may help slow the progression of the memory loss, but did you know that caregivers can complement treatment with activities that may help reconnect their loved ones to daily life? “In addition to obtaining a diagnosis and beginning medication, it’s important that caregivers plan activities to share with... Read More

Success Story: Mary C.

August 5, 2019 — Mary C. has come such a long way in the last year from never coming out of her room to attending activities daily. She has been going to therapy and walking between the parallel bars with assist. Mary just brags about how great the therapy department is!

Fort Worth Zoo

August 5, 2019 — Lions tigers bears oh my! Our Residents enjoyed a great trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, they got to see all the new exhibits and animals. A big thanks to the local Best Buy volunteers that made this possible.

National Relaxation Day is August 15: Try These Two Mindfulness Exercises!

August 5, 2019 — Mindfulness exercises let you “tune in” to yourself. Distractions are let go, and your brain power is increased. The exercises help you think more clearly and concentrate better. The best news is that they are easier than you might think to learn! Self Reflection Exercise Anytime you are stressed, stop, and carefully watch yourself to... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

August 5, 2019 — Happy birthday to our wonderful residents: Kellie O. Oswaldo L. Arion P. Richard C. Rita E. Elisa M. John D. Special welcome to our new residents: Olga Z. Janell B. Anna J. Nancy L. Robert S. J.W. B.

Short-Term Therapy Success Story

July 1, 2019 — Barbara O. admitted to facility totally dependent with use of hoyer lift for transferring in and out of bed. She has been working hard in therapy and now is able to stand in the parallel bars for at least one minute with assist of her therapist.

July is World Watercolor Month

July 1, 2019 — Paintings contribute to the beauty of homes, offices, and business establishments. If you have the desire to paint, you should try to develop your skill. Whether you’re an adult, teenager, or a kid, learning how to paint is not that difficult especially if you put your heart into it. While you’re trying to find a... Read More

Welcome New Residents!

July 1, 2019 — A Special welcome to our new residents: George F. Charles G. William J. Paula M. Gilbert J. Flora L. Billie M. Larry L. Marie M. Linda L. Edward M.

Macaroni and Cheese Day is July 14: A Fun (but Cheesy) Origin Story

July 1, 2019 — Although Americans love macaroni-and-cheese, it might have been an Italian creation dating to the late 13th century. The first Italian recipe called for fermented dough cut in two-inch squares, cooked and tossed with grated cheese – likely Parmesan. Thomas Jefferson brought a similar recipe to his home in Virginia after traveling to France and Italy... Read More

Happy Birthday!

July 1, 2019 — Happy birthday to our wonderful residents: Johnny J. Santiago R. Rosa R. Gary V. Cynthia H. Happy birthday to our great staff: Madalyn H Tonya J Toni A Abreha W